Pianist, Henrique Eisenmann & Bassist, Leo Espinosa in Concert - Summer Jazz 2019

Photo Credit: Daniel Bear

Festivals in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Internal Compass holds multiple events every year, including festivals, seminars and conferences. For the most updated and accurate information, we recommend following us on Facebook and Instagram. 



Internal Compass Summer Jazz, is a week long festival and seminar for musicians all ages -

in the beautiful town of Mitzpe Ramon. Throughout the week, students get to play, perform,

study and meet with Internal Compass artists, as well as other excellent musicians and 

like-minded people. 



Internal Compass Winter Jazz Summit, is an annual gathering of musicians from all 

around the world, for a few days full of activities, masterclasses, workshops, concerts and

jam sessions. 



Internal Compass Bassimposium, is an annual event for bassists from all around the world. 

For a whole weekend, bassists get the opportunity to play in a bass orchestra, meet other bassists.

and participate in masterclasses and workshops by world leading bassists.